About Us

Our Philosophy︰Home Taste and Chef's Craft

  • We search world-class foods for you. All the foods' origins and planting bases can be traced. With our professional chef's formulas and processing skills and techniques, you can easily enjoy fresh, delicious and safe foods at home or office.   
  • Most of our fresh sashimi products come from Japan. Before arrival in Hong Kong, our professional buyer will source the best seafoods directly at fish market in Japan and deliver the foods to HK in the same day. This ensure the freshness!
  • Our foods come from Japan and the places abounds with those foods. We assure you with the best taste.
  • S.F. Cold Chain is our partner logistic company. From shipping out the product to arrival to you, S.F. have tight temperature control which ensure your products are kept in suitable environment and are safe.
  • Our partner factory is a food factory managed by world-recognized food safety system.  What you can feel is Safety.

Here, you can shop peacefully.

  • All food ingredients are imported from all over the world with our partner trader.
  • Foods in Chef at Home will regularly undergo random testing to confirm their safety.
  • We have professional logistics team for delivery to ensure all foods can be kept freshness and at suitable condition during transportation.
Tips for Food Safety:
  • Temperature of food is so important! Bacteria in food can stop growing under low temperature!
  • Cold trucks (with temperature at <4 Celsius degree (chilled) or <-18 Celsius degree (frozen) ) are responsible for transporting our chilled / frozen products.
  • The meats and seafood we are selling are supplied by licensed importers, which the requirements are just the same as the real shop.

High Grade! High Quality! Low Price!

  • Our production process is centrally managed by HK government and world-recognized food safety system. Apart from saving expensive rental cost, human resources and operation cost for real shop can be eliminated.
  • Products are delivered by S.F. Cold Chain, except executive lunch, which can control the logistics cost.
  • All foods are imported directly through our partner importer, so as to greatly lower the food cost.
  • Our partner food factory is operated by a professional operation team, thus the quality and safety of food can be assured.